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FAQ: Welcome


Below are a few of the commonly asked questions. If your question is not below, feel free to drop us a line on our Contact page!

Sessions are conducted over Zoom with the same hockey video software most NCAA and Professional Organizations use, XOS Thunder.

Can I do individual sessions or is it only full classes?

We will do individual lessons at a different rate compared to the full classes. The benefits of the individual sessions are personalized concepts for each family to focus on during their training.  


What does a typical "Class" look like?

Our classes are filled with video review and analysis of many different hockey concepts. They are interactive with a group of players and will teach players to look at the game differently than they do currently.

What Solutions are used?

Do you only offer online training or do you do in-person, physical training as well?

We currently only offer online training programs. Using Zoom and XOS Thunder allow us to accommodate and effectively influence our curriculum.  Stay tuned for additional programming.

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